Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

On Social Media sharing is caring! We’re exploring why you should be sharing other people’s content as part of your social media strategy.

Why should I share other people’s content?

It’s simple really, when done right re-sharing, reposting and retweeting are great ways to build an engaged community for your brand or business as well as keeping your feeds full of interesting and varied content. 

Finding relevant and engaging content to share can be a time consuming task. This is where Maybe* comes in; your feed is filtered with topics, hashtags and accounts relevant to your community and conversation and its quick and simple to like, comment, share or schedule to Buffer directly. It really couldn’t be easier!

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Created v curated

It’s important to get the balance right between content you have created yourself and content you are sharing from others (curated). A feed consisting solely of created content means you’re at risk of your brand seeming overly self promotional and not ‘part of the conversation’ and if you are relying only on curated content your brand could easily lose its voice.

Finding your sweet spot of created and curated content is a matter of trial and error but to begin with you could try around 40% created content 60% curated and adjust accordingly from there.

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User generated content

UGC is another way of sharing other people’s content – in this case your customers. Essentially they are advertising your brand for you, and we all know that word of mouth marketing is the best kind. It is also a great way of creating a loyal community around your brand.

You could start with a simple hashtag campaign or competition which encourages customers to share a photo of them using your product. ‘Go Pro’ is an excellent example of a brand using UGC to create a community, their feed is packed with great photos taken by customers and influencers.

Sharing is Caring

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Key takeaways

  • Engaging with other people’s content can build your community
  • Finding and sharing relevant content is made simple with the Maybe* platform
  • Try using UGC as part of your strategy
  • Have fun and share the love!

Maybe* turns your social media conversations into insights and actions that deliver results.