Why engagement is key to your business success on Social Media

Regularly posting great content is an absolute first when getting started with social media, but whichever social media channels you have chosen for your business, it’s the engagement you generate that can have the biggest effect on building your audience. 

An engagement is when someone likes, shares, or comments on a post. 

Furthermore, the Facebook and Instagram algorithm prioritises popular content, which means the more engaged your audience is then the more likely your content will be seen.

But what does this really mean and how should you put more engagement into practice?

What do the Facebook & Instagram algorithm tell us about how we need to post?

Algorithms are often difficult to understand but they’re always on and we need to learn to work with them and not against them if we want to find success.

The Facebook algorithm searches for content that’s driving conversations and if your content is doing that between friends and family on Facebook then it will do better in the algorithm.

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The Instagram algorithm is a little different to Facebook as it favours content to users where they have already shown an interest. This means that the content category that a user tends to interact with the most by liking, commenting, viewing or sharing will be shown higher in their feed. So, for example if someone loves to watch videos about health and fitness, they’ll be served up more of the same.

The more you can encourage your followers to interact with your posts and get engaged in a conversation, the more likely your content will be served up to them going forward. Your response times and your ability to keep the conversation going is key.

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How to make engagement a core part of your Social Media activity

Here are some tips on how to create more engagement on your posts:

  • Use imagery, videos or stories that entice you to find out more
  • Ask for feedback, opinions, ask questions, do polls 
  • Make sure you respond to any comments in a timely manner
  • Go and engage on feeds that are relevant to yours and where your target audience might be

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Key takeaways

  1. By understanding how the algorithm works for Instagram and Facebook and keeping up to speed with how they evolve, you can tailor your content and engagement to ensure maximum reach for your posts.
  2. Think engagement with the content you post, how can you drive a conversation?
  3. Remember to spend a little bit of time each day leading by example and engaging on relevant feeds to build your profile.

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