Art and culture accounts are influencing the conversation in Penzance


When deciding who to follow, who to engage with, and where to prioritise your social media efforts, knowing who has the most influence in your local conversation is a good place to start.

By signing up to the #WDYT campaign youโ€™ll be able to track who has the most influence in any conversation youโ€™re listening to, including your business and your location. ย 

These are the accounts that have the most influence in the local conversations in Penzance this week.

The bigger the dot, the greater the influence. Here we can see art and culture accounts are well received, with the largest influencer being local artist Paul Westaway.

Engaging with these accounts is a great way to grow your audience and reach new customers.

Influencer dashboard – Maybe*

Influencers in the conversation in Penzance include West Cornwall WDYT, local artist Paul Westaway, Cornwall trade, Penlee Theatre, Cornwall Council and Dr Liv Gibbs sharing historical landscapes of the town. There is a broad mix of businesses and local bodies providing lots of content and accounts to engage with.

Paul Westaway

Rank #102 (27/03/19)

This artist shares lots of images of his work and includes a hashtag for the local area which ensures he is part of the conversation in West Cornwall.

Penlee Theatre

Ranked #3 (27/03/19)

Penlee Theatre continues to stay in the top 3 ranking in Penzance. They post regularly, engage with local conversations, share lots of images and use relevant hashtags. They also join in with wider conversations by picking up on time-sensitive hashtags and relating them to their content.

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council is a great resource for local events and information. Whilst Cornwall council isn’t ranked in Penzance they share information about the whole of Cornwall, engaging with local bodies and councils is a great way to spread your reach.

West Cornwall #WDYT

Ranked #18 in Penzance (27/03/19)

The #WDYT account in West Cornwall is sharing local content to get it seen by more people. Include #WDYT in your content to get shared by our local account.