How the Tetbury Book Festival is leading the conversation in Tetbury

Understanding what people are talking about in your town helps you ensure that the content you’re posting and sharing hits the mark every time.

By taking a deeper look into conversation topics, as a business, you’re able to incorporate subjects that your audience care about into your own social media messaging.

If we take a look at the “What’s being said about #Tetbury” dashboard within Maybe*, it’s the conversation about the launch of the Tetbury Book Festival which is proving most popular. There are also threads related to its independent shops and the Easter holidays.

Tetbury is now ranked 154th for Social Media reach nationwide and the top performers in town have been shifting, whilst The Yellow Lighted Bookshop remains top of the charts with their regular posting and engaged following. We have seen Mayfair and Grace, Lorfords Antiques, Westonbirt House and Gardens and The Cotswold Inns all rising up the ranking.

#Tetbury Conversation Highlights

Standing out as the most active conversation this week using #Tetbury is the freshly launched Tetbury Book Festival organised by The Yellow Lighted Bookshop to be held in the The Tetbury Good Shed. Both active users of social media, their combined efforts have expanded the reach of the event to more people.  To help further promote the event, they launched a new twitter account @TetburyBookFest to boost interest.

‘What’s being said about Tetbury’ dashboard.

How the local audience is feeling about #Tetbury

The conversation about #Tetbury is overwhelmingly positive as we see from the Sentiment dashboard on the Maybe platform.

‘How do people feel about Tetbury’ dashboard.

Digging in to these conversations we can see the key topics which are driving this. In addition to the Tetbury Book Festival, there is chat about the many independent shops in Tetbury and the Easter holidays as the town starts to promote activities for April.

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