Chesterfield retailers work together to boost online presence

Chesterfield retailers are working together to boost the online presence of the town. By actively engaging and posting regularly they are able to grow their audience and boost their ranking.

Chesterfield is currently ranked 51 out of 1,300 towns and cities in the country.  It’s great to see that over the last month the number of active retailers has gone up. Active means that they have posted at least once in the past week. In turn the audience size has also increased, meaning the total number of followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram collectively for businesses in Chesterfield has gone up.


Alongside a vast range of national retailers and council accounts, Chesterfield has some fantastic independent retailers who are doing a great job on social media raising the profile of their business and the town in the process.


Here are some examples of how Chesterfield businesses have been using social media over the last month :


Ranked 12th in Chesterfield Local 4th April

Qoozies have been doing a fantastic job creating a buzz around their new venture through their social media accounts, like this Qoozies Facebook Post . In addition they have been running some fantastic competitions to help drive people to their social media channels and into store. As a result their rank and audience size has grown in the last month.

Blu Chesterfield

Ranked 24th in Chesterfield Local 4th April

Blu Chesterfield has increased their rank by a huge 18 places in the last month. This is due to their regular posting of beautiful images on Instagram, like this Blu Insta post and keeping their followers up to date with events and offers.

Zebra Menswear

Ranked 28th in Chesterfield Local 4th April

Zebra menswear is another retailer with big gains this month, improving their rank by 12 places. They have been showcasing their new stock on Instagram, like this Zebra Insta post.


View this post on Instagram


A few bits from Spring Summer 19. #zebramenswear #chesterfield

A post shared by Zebra Menswear (@zebramenswear_) on

Chesterfield Theaters

Ranked 8th in Chesterfield Local 4th April

The theatres in Chesterfield keep their audience up to date with upcoming performances and behind the scenes. They use hashtags and tag the people involved, all helping to reach a wider audience. As a result of this, often influencers tag them and share content about them like this Twitter post boosting the profile of the theatre and town.

Sorbo Lounge

Ranked 44th in Chesterfield Local 4th April

Sorbo Lounge use Facebook to keep their followers up to date with their food offers and competitions. They also mix up their content by posting videos and sharing photos of their happy customers.

Redbrik Estate Agents

Ranked 5th in Chesterfield Local 4th April

Redbrik Estate Agents do a great job of mixing up their content. Whilst there are a lot of property posts they mix it up by showing members of their team, like this Twitter post and sharing other interesting articles like this.



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