How the #Gloucester conversation surged for Residents Weekend


Understanding what people are talking about in your town or city helps ensure that the content you’re posting and sharing hits the mark every time.

By taking a deeper look into conversation topics, as a business, you’re able to incorporate subjects that your audience care about into your own social media messaging.

If we take a look at the ‘What’s being said about #Gloucester’ dashboard within Maybe*, the most popular conversation this last week has been the ‘Residents Weekend’ event’. This was highlighted by the local press, citing that it was Gloucestershire’s second busiest weekend for visitors in 2019. In addition, there are positive conversations around the ‘Tall Ships’ festival (planned for summer 2019) and Coffee – reflecting the vibrant independent cafe scene in the city.

Gloucester Conversation insights

Here’s what we found by taking a look at the ‘What’s being said about #Gloucester’ in the dashboard within the Maybe* platform:

‘What’s being said about Gloucester’ dashboard.

The dashboard brings out ‘Residents Weekend’ and just the word ‘Weekend’ as a primary conversation this week. This is because many events,  free tours and retailer offers were shared on social media to promote this annual weekend for residents in Gloucester in collaboration with GLCard.

How the local audience are feeling about #Gloucester

‘How do people feel about Gloucester’ dashboard.

We can see that the sentiment in Gloucester has been overwhelmingly positive in association with the hashtag #Gloucester this week and we can see by diving into these conversations that the positivity has largely been driven by the Resident Weekend conversation.

The negative sentiment is mostly Brexit related and a conversation about the band Queen has emerged. Taking a deeper look into the negative content, we can see it was the music blasted by the Pro-Brexit bus around Gloucester this week playing ‘I want to break free!’.

What has engaged local audiences most about #Gloucester

‘What content are people engaging with in Gloucester’ dashboard.

There has been excellent engagement across all social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter linked to the #Gloucester hashtag and reaching a peak during 27th to 29th March.  Most of this engagement is around the events and offers as part of the Residents Weekend shared by such feeds as MoreGloucester, Visit Gloucester, GLCard and Gloucester Civic Trust and some of the contributing businesses including The Candle Tree, TS Gifts, GLosWaterways and GlosMuseum.

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