How Tewkesbury businesses are tweeting their way to the top

In Tewkesbury, 85% of businesses have social media, and 42% of those are posting regularly.

By being active on social media these businesses can interact with their followers. By engaging their audience this increases the reach of their messages which introduces their business to potential new customers.

Businesses who are creating engaging posts and  on social media in Tewkesbury include:

Following these businesses is a great way to see what works and to gain ideas to emulate on your own business social platforms.

Roses Theatre

Ranked #1 in Tewkesbury 6th March 2019

You never have to miss a thing if you follow Roses Theatre on social media – they’re never short of content with their packed schedule of touring shows, workshops and exhibitions.  This month there is a membership promotion and the Family Dance Festival, a free event during the Easter holidays.

Cafe au Chocolat

Ranked #36 in Tewkesbury 6th March 2019

What fantastic reviews this cafe is collecting on their Facebook page. Recently featured on The One Show, chocoholics have been flocking to this Tewkesbury favourite to take up the Chocolate Indulgence Platter challenge. The cafe regularly shares pictures of their chocolate creations, news of their ever popular workshops and seasonal chocolate ideas. By capturing the feedback from their delighted customers they are building their reputation far and wide.

Tewkesbury Park

Ranked #15 in Tewkesbury 5th March

Tewkesbury Park is up 4 places this week in the town retailer ranking. Active across all their social media channels, we particularly love the Instagram feed made up of stunning photography and keeping a great consistency in the pallette. The recent brunch menu for a Sunday prompted quite a reaction on social media and the hotel cleverly shared the positive reactions for all their followers to see.


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John Moore Museum

Ranked #26 in Tewkesbury 5th March

A centre of exploration, history and local interest, the John Moore Museum cleverly engages their audience by asking #DidYouKnow? The social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter hook you in with interesting facts interspersed with reminders about the many events and points of interest in the Museum.


No Rank yet.

Carousel has opened this week and has been teasing us with intriguing teaser posts during the last few weeks. We’ve yet to see how they rank in Tewkesbury but their regular posts of delicious cafe fayre should build up a following very quickly!

Tewkesbury Abbey

Ranked #23 in Tewkesbury 5th March 2019

The iconic Tewkesbury Abbey is wonderfully engaged with their followers on social media. It’s not just the many services and events that they remind us of – they also share tempting cafe choices and some wonderful products in the gift shop.

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