Stafford uses spring to increase social media engagement

Over 43% of businesses in Stafford are active on social media, meaning they have posted at least once in the past week. The best accounts don’t just post about what they can offer shoppers but link it to something topical – like the start of a new season. Spring not only promises better weather with sunny skies, but there is also Mother’s Day to celebrate at the end of March – the perfect retail opportunity.

All this social media activity in the last month means that Stafford is currently ranked 21 out of 1,300 towns and cities in the UK for social media activity.

Businesses in Stafford who are getting ready for Spring on social media include: The Moat House, Guildhall Shopping Centre, FunkyWunkyDooDahs, Roar Juice, Blacks Menswear, The Dog & Doublet, Peter Rogers Photographic  and  Cup A Cha,

Following these businesses is a great way to see how to embrace the new season and to gain ideas to emulate on your own accounts.

Here are some good examples from the past week on social in Stafford:

The Moathouse

Ranked 10th in Stafford (28/2/19)

Why not share a beautiful picture with your followers? Spring sunshine is sure to help make a good photo opportunity.

Guildhall Stafford

You can also share news of what’s happening this season in your town – like Stafford’s Victoria Park beginning its renovations.

Funky Wunky Doo Dahs

Ranked 35th in Stafford (28/2/19)

A new season (especially Spring!) brings out the urge to redecorate! So, a post like this one is sure to resonate with your followers.

 Roar Juice

Ranked 48th in Stafford (28/2/19)

We can bet your followers on social media are starting to think about looking and feeling lighter and brighter for the new season too.

Blacks Menswear

Ranked 85th in Stafford (28/2/19)

New season = new shoes, right?!

Peter Rogers Ltd

Ranked 34th in Stafford (28/2/19)

How about suggesting present ideas for Mothers’ Day?

Cup a Cha 

Ranked 31st in Stafford (28/2/19)

Here’s an example of a present idea that would be perfect for Mothers’ Day!

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