How Chesterfield businesses are shining on social media

Considering the size of Chesterfield it’s surprising that only 59% of business in the town have social media accounts. It’s more surprising that of those, only 36% are active meaning they have posted at least once in the past week.

However, the retailers that are active are engaging, growing their audiences and posting regularly. This has boosted Chesterfields’ ranking in the UK for social media by 8 places in the last month to 44/1300 towns and cities.

Vicar Lane shopping centre has lots of retailers pushing offers and tips on social media. In particular, The Perfume Shop in Chesterfield has its own local account which allows them to engage with the local community and push specific offers and deals.


Straight Curves

Ranked 15th in Chesterfield Local 26 Feb

Straight Curves do a fantastic job on social, using Twitter to keep their followers up to date with workshops and events that they’re running, and using both Twitter and Instagram to showcase their creations.

Green and Benz Jewellers

Ranked 24th in Chesterfield Local 26 Feb

Green and Benz jewellery update their Facebook and Instagram pages with a mix of content from products to sales and events, making good use of seasonal times of the year.


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H&F Chesterfield

Ranked 18th in Chesterfield Local 26 Feb

H & F Chesterfield post fairly consistently on their social media platforms, providing a mix of content – from their showroom to design tips to offers, as well as sharing other relevant articles from different sources. Sharing other peoples’ content is a great way to keep your channels varied.

Nonnas Chesterfield

Ranked 20th in Chesterfield Local 26 Feb

Nonnas showcase their delicious dishes brilliantly on social, well worth a follow – be warned it will make you hungry.


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Bottle and Thyme

Ranked 29th in Chesterfield Local 26 Feb

Bottle and Thyme have a really lovely looking feed, with a similar trend throughout – showing off their dishes and environment really well.

They also use Facebook to let their followers know about events, which is a great way to gauge interest.


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Dotique UK

Ranked 39th in Chesterfield Local 26 Feb

Dotique is a great example of a retailer with a facebook shop, giving followers the chance to see items and click directly through to the website page to purchase.

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