Penzance businesses increase digital influence rank


Did you know that 77% of businesses in Penzance have social media accounts? However, only 40% of these businesses actively post on their channels.

This number has increased slightly since last month which has helped Penzance increase their digital influence rank to 60 out of 1,300 towns and cities in the UK.

This is the highest Penzance has ranked yet, which shows that their businesses are doing more to post and engage with customers on their social channels.

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Every day the Maybe* platform, which powers the #WDYT campaign, measures the Social Media Rank of over 1,300 UK towns and cities and 160,000 businesses. The Rank looks at the percentage of businesses in each location who have social media accounts, how active those accounts are, and the cumulative audience size of all businesses in each location.

The more local businesses talk about Penzance, the more their ranking will increase, which in turn leads to more visitors to the town and surrounding areas.

There are many local businesses showcasing what Penzance, Marazion, Mousehole and Newlyn have to offer. We’ve gathered some more of our favourites across social media including; Tour Guide Penzance, Pica Rico, St Michaels Mount Shop, EDM Bookeeping, Hell Cat Hair, Myrtle Vintage Furniture. Penzance Bid, Love Penzance, and Penzance Hour, are also regular contributors that are increasing the social profile of the town.  

Tour Guide Penzance

Ranked 8th in Penzance on 27/02/19

Tour Guide Penzance shares lots of interesting local knowledge, beautiful pictures of the sea and video content, not to mention inspiring #wildswimming capers! She receives lots of engagement by using relevant hashtags, staying on topic and talking about current events within the local area. All great tips for a successful social media presence.



Pica Rico

Ranked 52 in Penzance on 27/02/19

Pica Rico is a relatively new business in Penzance but they have already made an impressive mark. Their friendliness, sense of community and pride for Penzance really comes across in their social media. The Pica Rico Instagram acts as a great showcase for their delicious authentic food. They also use Instagram stories which is another great tool for cafes and restaurants to show off their food and tempt people in.


St Michaels Mount Shop

Ranked 102 in Penzance on 27/02/19

The little shop on St Michaels Mount has its own Instagram account which is a great idea. Here they can share all the fantastic local brands they sell as well as their gorgeous location of course. They get a lot of engagement because they share great quality pictures with informative engaging captions and again, relevant hashtags.


EDM Bookkeeping

Ranked 68 in Penzance on 27/02/19

EDM Bookkeeping has taken what could be a dry subject for social media and injected it with just the right amount of personality for it to be engaging as well as informative. They use great visuals to advertise their services and tell their audience about current, useful and relevant information.


Hell Cat Hair

Ranked 54 in Penzance 27/02/19

Hell Cat hair is a local hair salon that is proud to be organic and plastic free. They have a great Instagram showcasing their products and services in a personable way. 

Myrtle Vintage Furniture

Ranked 51 in Penzance on 27/02/19

Myrtle Vintage Furniture sells vintage farmhouse furniture and stock Annie Sloane paints. Their Instagram has consistent images that really show off their products and what can be achieved with the paints. The ‘Before and after’ posts work well for engagement.

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