How Lichfield is achieving better than average footfall figures


Lichfield, a Cathedral city in Staffordshire, has hit the headlines this week after welcoming over 1 million visitors to their town in the run-up to Christmas.

It wasn’t only Christmas shopping that attracted visitors, with the better than average footfall figures continuing into the new year as highlighted by BBC Midlands.

To see how Lichfield bucked the trend of a deteriorating high street, let’s rewind to summer 2018 when the town launched its new advertising strategy alongside the #WDYT campaign.

Love Lichfield

Lichfield prides itself on independent shops; by working together to increase awareness of the town and the stores it has to offer with #WDYT, they have helped attract new visitors to the town.

Retailers in Lichfield express love for each other and show this on social media by joining in conversations together and celebrating each other’s successes.

This is reflected in the new logo and advertising campaign launched by Lichfield BID and Visit Lichfield, which is a colourful ‘L’ representing both Lichfield and the word ‘Love’.   


Listening to Lichfield

Key to Lichfield’s success is asking people in their town what they want to see from their high street.

Using Maybe*, the technology that powers the #WDYT campaign, Lichfield learnt what people thought about their high street and how they could attract more footfall to Lichfield.

By listening to the conversations about their town and using chatbots and AI to uncover local insights, Lichfield BID was able to turn those insights into actionable steps.

That’s how towns and cities see extraordinary results from social media. To find out how well your town and its businesses are performing on social media, sign up to the #WDYT campaign. 

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