Highlighting Tetbury’s social media stars


Tetbury is a small town that is vibrant on social media with over 45% of businesses in the town active on social channels.

Based on their posting frequency, follower numbers and engagement on their social channels The Yellow Lighted Bookshop is currently the best performing retailer in Tetbury.

Brownrigg Antiques, Mayfair and Grace, Highgrove Gardens and Lorford Antiques closely follow the bookshop, sitting at the top of the charts.

Due to these retailers performing well on social media, Tetbury ranks 150th out of 1,300 towns in the Digitial Influence Index.

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Tetbury is currently ranked 150 out of 1300 towns and cities nationwide on the Digital Influence Index.

We’ve highlighted the best performing retailers on social media in Tetbury.

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Mayfair and Grace rank 3rd for social media in Tetbury

This month Mayfair and Grace rank 3rd in Tetbury for their social media activity. They are active across all three key channels Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tailor their content to the channel.  

Their consistent posting mixes up Beauty treatments, Hair and their vast range of products for sale in-store. Great imagery and videos grab our attention. Use of testimonials and fantastic reviews help build their audience loyalty.

A varied feed

Frequency and consistency are key to maintaining a growing audience on social media. Mayfair and Grace run a varied feed sharing details about events, meet the team profiles and feedback from happy customers.


Mayfair and Grace use their hashtags to ensure their posts will be found in searches relevant to them and include #Tetbury to engage with their local audience.

Tetbury businesses who shine on social 

Here’s our pick of Tetbury businesses who perform well on social media.


The Tetbury based wine shop Vinotopia countered Dry January by sharing daily recommendations of ‘dry’ tipples on their Twitter channel.

Treacle George

The Tetbury based design store Treacle George sell the best contemporary furniture, lighting, accessories and gifts. Their daily posts give wonderful context to the items they sell, their origins in country and design.

Quayles Cornerhouse

Quayles Cornerhouse create beautiful plates each day and whet our appetite with inviting and beautifully photographed food on their feeds.  

Tetbury Goods Shed

Tetbury Goods Shed keep followers updated with their constant schedule of events.

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