The proven formula for retailers to succeed this Valentine’s Day

We asked over 3,000 people for their opinions on Valentine’s Day shopping this year. From how many gifts they’re going to buy, to where they’ll buy them, to how much they’ll spend, we’ve found the perfect formula for retailers to succeed this year.

Here’s what to do in five easy steps:

  1. Focus on gifts that are £50 and under, with an emphasis on gifts that are £25 or less, and even £10 or less.
  2. Most people will be shopping offline, so have a great display. In fact, people will come into your shop looking for inspiration, so make it easy for them to find something to buy.
  3. Most people will only be buying one gift, so think single items, not sets of things.
  4. Don’t underestimate your online presence. 32% of people will be looking online, specifically at Facebook and Instagram for inspiration, so start sharing pictures and stories of affordable gifts now to pull people into your shop.
  5. Don’t waste money on expensive advertising in magazines or on TV. Only 2% of shoppers will be looking there for inspiration. A beautiful display and lovely content online will serve you (and your marketing budget) much better.

If you’re curious about the stats that went into our findings, we’re happy to share the details with you.

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