Which Gloucester businesses are active on social media?

42% of all businesses in Gloucester are active on social media, meaning they have posted at least once in the past week.

Increasingly, every town and city is the sum of their digital parts, and this high engagement by business in Gloucester has allowed a town significantly smaller than London to sit alongside the highest ranked towns and cities in the UK for Social Media Rank. Gloucester is currently ranked 12th.

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Businesses in Cheltenham who shine on social media include:

Raging Bull, The Candle Tree, Blue Bamboo, Brewhouse & Kitchen, Yantos Pancakes, Gloucester Quays, Kings Walk and Janes Pantry.

Gloucester Bid, Marketing Gloucester and Punchline Magazine  are also regular contributors that are increasing the social profile of the town.

Following these businesses is a great way to see what works and to gain ideas to emulate on your own accounts.

This month Raging Bull  are currently the top locally based retailer in Gloucester.  Take a look at their social to see why! During this period Raging Bull have run a competition to win a voucher for £250 spend in their store.  They promoted this competition across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and made an extra feature of it on #WinItWednesday each week.

Raging Bull (Ranked 13th in Gloucester on 28th January 2018)

With Raging Bull’s founder ex National Rugby Player Phil Vickery and his associations with Rugby they are able to leverage Rugby conversations to build their brand.  For example their neat use of a poll to invite a reaction:

Raging Bull  also leverage their customer reactions to their purchases.  One customer posting the proud wearing of their shirt from Hawaii!

In addition, Raging Bull ride national trending twitter hashtags e.g #BlueMonday, run regular #FreebieFriday competitions  and are savvy with their use of Influencers.

Here are a few other great examples from other Gloucester based businesses:

The Candle Tree posts regularly across Twitter and Instagram with beautifully photographed shots of  its range of products including Candles, Artwork, Home accessories and Cards. The Candle Tree also use social media to promote their regular newsletter, advise on opening hours and are also very engaged with local conversations – about the Cathedral area, neighbouring shops and any events which draw shoppers to the city.

The Candle Tree (ranked 61 in Gloucester 29/1/2019)

Yantos Pancakes worked with the naughty elves through the Christmas period to promote aspects of their fantastic venue. They also run regular competitions and are currently promoting their Valentine evening.

Yantos Pancakes (ranked 130 in Gloucester on 28/1/2019)

Janes Pantry local bakery business specialises in private party and corporate buffet catering and  celebration cakes as well as having a number of shops across Gloucester. Their beautifully baked items speak for themselves and Janes Pantry post pictures regularly to make our mouths water!

Janes Pantry (ranked 47th in Gloucester on 28th January 2019)


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