Which Coventry businesses are winning on social media?

Just over 85% of all businesses in Coventry have a social media presence, however around 38% are active on social media, meaning they have posted at least once in the past week. 

Every day, the Maybe* platform catalogues the social media ranking of over 160,000 businesses in 1,300 towns and cities nationwide.  As part of the #WDYT campaign, the Maybe* platform assesses the number of businesses with a social media presence in each town or city, and measures them against those who are active on their social media channels.

Increasingly, every town and city is the sum of their digital parts, and the engagement conducted by businesses online in Coventry has seen the city’s ranking rise to 26 out of a total of 1300 towns and cities nationally, rising one place in the last week..

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Businesses in Coventry who shine on social media include:

Belgrade Theatre, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Red Corner, Coventry Cathedral, Theatre Absolute, Kasbah, Teezers Coventry, Chameleon Menswear.

Visit Coventry, Hello Cov, Enjoy Coventry, and Coventry Culture Show are also regular contributors that are increasing the social profile of the city.

Following these businesses is a great way to see what works and to gain ideas to emulate on your own accounts.

This week, Belgrade Theatre is a great account to follow as they have consistently maintained their top ranking over the past few days. This account is committed to putting out good content, and engaging well with followers.

On Twitter, they’ve done a great job this week retweeting content from their followers, and publishing their own content.

Belgrade Theatre (Ranked 1st in Coventry 24th January 2019)

On Instagram, they’re posting interesting, humorous and timely content and are making use of great hashtags. Our only suggestion for even greater reach would be to use #WDYT as they already make good use of location hashtags (e.g. #Coventry).

On Facebook, the content they are posting is interesting and diverse. Featuring a lot of videos to highlight up and coming shows at the theatre.

Here are a few other great examples from other Coventry based businesses:

Kasbah (Ranked 2nd in Coventry 24th January 2019)
Herbert Art Gallery & Museum (Ranked 3rd in Coventry 24th January 2019)
Coventry Cathedral (Ranked 7th in Coventry 24th January 2019)

Teezers Coventry, a new business to the city, has quickly built an established social media following.  This is particularly evident on their Facebook page, where they receive a good deal of engagement with their posts and built a following exceeding 6,000 likes.  There is however, room for more to be done on their other social media channels to really boost their profile and increase their customer base within the city and further afield, which will only serve to improve their social media ranking within Coventry businesses.

Teezers Coventry (Ranked 36th in Coventry 24th January 2019)

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