How Chesterfield businesses are using social media.

 Whilst 59% of all business in Chesterfield have social media accounts, only 34% are active on social media, meaning they have posted at least once in the past week.

Every town and city is the sum of their digital parts, and engagement by businesses in Chesterfield has resulted in the town ranking 52nd in the UK for Social Media Rank.

Additionally of the 192 local businesses in Chesterfield, Vicar Lane is ranked 12th. (As of the 21st Jan 19)

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Businesses in Vicar Lane, Chesterfield who shine on social media include:

Qoozies , Claire’s at Vicar Lane , The Perfume Shop Chesterfield , The Works (Vicar Lane Shopping Centre) ,  New Look,

Additionally, businesses in Chesterfield who shine on social media include:

Nora Eve Bridal ,J E James Cycles , REDBRIKproperty     Dest. Chesterfield , Chesterfield and Chesterfield Theatres are also regular contributors that are increasing the social profile of the town.

Here are a few great examples from Chesterfield based businesses:

Qoozies have been showcasing their delicious food and drink offerings, making quite the colourful feed. The images they have been sharing really make you want to visit them and try out their specials.

Qoozies Chesterfield (Ranked 16th in Chesterfield Local 21st Jan)

Nora Eve Bridal have a beautiful instagram feed, filled with images of their stunning dresses and wedding inspiration. They also highlight their new stock as well as sale offers, posting regularly across their social channels.

Nora Eve Bridal (Ranked 5th in Chesterfield Local 21st Jan)

Claire’s have been using social media to shout about all their fantastic sale offers and great things they offer in store, such as parties and ear piercing.

J E James cycles post regularly across their feeds, showcasing a mix of their products, fun images and shared relevant content from others. Additionally they ask questions and run polls to get their audience engaged and interacting with them more.

J E James Cycles (Ranked 4th in Chesterfield Local 21st Jan)

The Perfume Shop are amazing on Twitter, posting regularly about what they have to offer in store, complete with images. Also, they tag in relevant influencers, to help promote their brand further.  

The Works have been posting content that is related to current trends which is a good way to connect with your audience.

The Works (Vicar Lane Shopping Centre) (Ranked 94th in Chesterfield National 21st Jan)

The theatre showcases their upcoming performances. Tweeting regularly, using images and tagging influencers, all to help promote their business.

Chesterfield Theatres (Ranked 9th in Chesterfield Local 21st Jan)

Brampton Brewery are brilliant at keeping their followers up to date with their refurbishment projects.Social media is a great way to update your customers quickly about changes to opening times and availability.

Brampton Brewery (Ranked 8th in Chesterfield Local 21st Jan)

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