How Lichfield businesses are making the most of social media

While 61.5% of all businesses in Lichfield have social media accounts, only 35% of those are active, meaning they have posted at least once on their social media channels in the past week.

Nevertheless, this social media activity has enabled the small city of Lichfield to reach number 22 in the social media rankings of all towns and cities in the UK. Lichfield has ambitions to climb into the top 10, and its within reach if more businesses increase their social media activity.

Some of the businesses contributing to the city’s success and well worth following include

Hunt & Gather, Truly Creative Designs, Olive Tree, Bespoke In Lichfield, Beatbox Studios, Spellbound Bead Co, Melbourne In Lichfield, Stardust Dancewear, The George Hotel and McKenzie’s In The City.

Lichfield BID, Lichfield DC and Lichfield Cathedral, are also regular contributors that help to increase the social profile of the town.

Social media highlights from these fantastic businesses include:

Hunt & Gather makes great use of their Instagram account to highlight the outstanding quality of their handmade items. Well worth following to see their incredible craftsmanship.

Hunt & Gather ranked 49th in Lichfield, 22/01/19

Truly Creative is a real treasure trove of a shop, and they do a great job of posting a mix of videos and photos on their Instagram account, to capture the best of what they offer.

Truly Creative Designs (ranked 66th in Lichfield, 22/01/19)

The Olive Tree restaurant has recently been closed for refurbishment, but their social media accounts have stayed open! They’ve been making great use of behind the scenes photos and glimpses of what’s to come when they reopen.

Olive Tree (ranked 28th in Lichfield, 22/01/19)

Bespoke in Lichfield make great use of their Instagram account to share posts from artists and creatives whose work is on sale in their shop. This builds a community feel around their social media as well as their store.

Bespoke In Lichfield (ranked 74th in Lichfield, 22/01/19)

Beatbox Studios do a great job of using customer feedback in their posts. Let your happy customers tell the world how great you are!

Beatbox Studios (ranked 86th in Lichfield, 22/01/19)

Spellbound Bead Co engages their audience by sharing many behind the scenes photos. Tallulah the cat pops up in their feed from time to time, along with other animals that visit the shop!

Spellbound Bead Co (ranked 78th in Lichfield, 22/01/19)

McKenzie’s In The City is a superb restaurant in the heart of Lichfield, and makes good use of social media to show off so many of their beautiful dishes on offer, as well as highlighting special offers for customers to take advantage of.

McKenzie’s In The City (ranked 31st in Lichfield, 22/01/19)

Melbourne In Lichfield is a coffee shop with creativity, and their social media accounts reflect this! They include secret menu items hidden in their Instagram highlights for their followers to discover.

Melbourne In Lichfield (ranked 30th in Lichfield, 22/01/19)

Stardust Costume regularly celebrates their customers across their social media channels, featuring them and the exquisite bespoke dancewear they have created.

Stardust Dancewear (ranked 37th in Lichfield, 22/01/19)

The George Hotel uses its social media channels to show off the best of what they offer as well as interesting behind the scenes moments to engage their followers and entice people into their business.

The George Hotel (ranked 29th in Lichfield, 22/01/19)

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