How businesses in Stafford are using social media

While 89% of all businesses in Stafford have social media accounts, only 41.5% of those are active on social media, meaning they have posted at least once in the past week.

Every town and city is the sum of its digital parts, and this social media activity has enabled a market town the size of Stafford to reach the Top 25 of highest social media ranked towns and cities in the UK.. Stafford is currently ranked 23rd, but imagine how high the town could go if more businesses increased their social media activity.

Businesses in Stafford who shine on social media include: Croft Architects,  Cup A Cha, The Lewis Partnership including The Moat House, The Dog & Doublet, The Red Lion and The Bank House, Roar Juice,  Tailored Branding, and  Guildhall Shopping Centre,   

Following these businesses is a great way to see what works and to gain ideas to emulate on your own accounts.

Here are some good Stafford examples from the past week on social:

Croft Architecture ranked 5th in Stafford (17/1/19)

Engaging on social media regularly is the fastest way to increase your digital ranking in a place. The more active you are…the higher you rise! Croft Architects have made it to #5 in the Stafford rankings!

Over on their Facebook Page, the company makes you feel like they really understand their potential clients and what they want..

Sharing examples of what you can offer to customers is always a good plan to help you gain new and repeat bookings 👍

Cup a Cha Stafford ranked 31st in Stafford (17/1/19)

The Lewis Partnership are always quick to promote any events they are running in Stafford and also retweet their four Stafford based restaurants. They increase their reach by using #WDYT and #Stafford and no doubt, increase physical attendance at their events too.

The best way for a restaurant to promote itself is by sharing pictures of their beautiful dishes like this one.

The Moathouse ranked 10th in Stafford (17/1/19)

Running a competition and sharing it on social media is a great way to increase your reach

Dog & Doublet ranked 17th in Stafford (17/1/19)

Another gorgeous pic of food!

Red Lion ranked 42nd in Stafford (17/1/19)

Of course, videos are also good to share, like this roaring fire! You’re sure to get customers turning up to enjoy this!

The Bank House ranked 69th in Stafford (17/1/19)

What a great way to share a new service your business is offering to it’s local customers

Roar Juice ranked 50th in Stafford (17/1/19)

A beautifully curated Instagram grid and careful use of Stories can make all the difference to your local business too

Another great example of a competition shared on social media, this time tagging in important influencers who can also share it for you 👍

Tailored Branding ranked 118th in Stafford (17/1/19)

Here’s an example of a local shopping centre helping promote a national brand’s store!

 Great use of emojis here too – they can help convey a sense of humour and interest in your brand 👍

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