Why Penzance businesses should get involved in social media.

Every day the Maybe* platform, which powers the #WDYT campaign, measures the Social Media Rank of over 1,300 UK towns and cities and 160,000 businesses.

The rank looks at the percentage of businesses in each location who have social media accounts, how active those accounts are, and the cumulative audience size of all businesses in each location.

While 77.5% of businesses in Penzance have social media, less than 40% of those are active on social media.

Looking at this week’s top 10 ranked locations, the commonality is that the percentage of businesses active on social media in each location is increasing. Penzance is currently ranked 64, but imagine how high this could be if more businesses got actively involved with social media.

Businesses that are doing a great job and increasing the social profile of Penzance include: Penlee Park Theatre, The Exchange Gallery, The Cornish Barn, Chapel House, Baker Toms, Barton Books, And Shine Living, Archie Browns and Aine Carlin

Penzance Bid, Love Penzance, and Penzance Hour, are also regular contributors that are increasing the social profile of the town.

Here are some highlights from them;

Engaging on social media regularly is the fastest way to increase your digital ranking in a place. The more active you are…the higher you rise! Penlee Park Theatre are a great example of this. Always active on their channels and letting their customers know what’s coming up as well as actively engaging with their followers and other local businesses in Penzance.

Penlee Park Theatre (Ranked 2nd in Penzance on 17/01/19)

Their tweets are succinct, informative, include relevant images and links and tag people appropriately, all great practice for good engagement.

The Exchange Gallery is closed until 16th Feb but this doesn’t mean a halt in their social media, they’ve continued to stay active, promoting the sale in their shop and their cafe still being open with lovely consistent images on Instagram. If you have quieter times for your business it’s still important to carry on posting on your channels, even if you are just joining in with conversations in your local area.

The Exchange (Ranked 3rd in Penzance on 17/01/19)

They also continue to host events and use Facebook to great effect to promote these.

The Cornish Barn have a beautiful and consistent Instagram grid full of high quality images which is always a winner. They do a great job of showcasing the delicious food they have on offer and their unique interior too.

The Cornish Barn (Ranked 20th on 17/01/19)

Another stylish Instagram account showcasing The Chapel House: a gorgeous boutique hotel – well worth following and admiring.

Chapel House (Ranked 30th in Penzance 17/01/19)

Baker Toms Bread have bakeries across Cornwall including Penzance. They share some great image based content and their Facebook is full of interesting links and ‘how to’ videos. Sharing videos you have created is a brilliant content strategy for your business.

Baker Toms (Ranked 4th in Penzance 17/01/19)

Barton Books is a second hand bookshop in Penzance, specialising in art and nature. Their Instagram is simple but effective- great consistent images of the product they sell with informative captions and relevant hashtags. Their Twitter is interlaced with more engagement around local conversations which is a good example of how to use two platforms slightly differently to good effect.

Barton Books (Ranked 35th in Penzance 17/01/19)

And Shine has a beautifully curated Instagram feed and uses the image based platform perfectly as an online shop window for its design led Scandinavian homewares.

And Shine Living (Ranked 71st in Penzance 17/01/19)

Archie Browns is a health food shop with shops over Cornwall, it’s always good when a business like this has local accounts, that way they can use social media to get involved with the local community. This month Archie Browns collaborated with Aine Carlin, local vegan cookbook author on a supper club and they both used their social channels to promote and document the event.

Archie Browns (Ranked 34th in Penzance 17/01/19)

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