Digital Influence Index review January 17th

We measure the rank of every retailer and town in the UK every day, and map it back to 150K physical addresses in 1,300 UK towns and cities. 

Who are the quickest risers this week in the Digital Influence Index charts and why?

Barnstaple has soared 66 places from 205 to rank 139. We take a look at what local businesses in the North Devon town have been sharing.

Waterstones were excited about their upcoming Harry Potter book night and shared a fantastic image of the invitations:

Waterstones are ranked 201st in the Maybe* Social Media Index (January 18th 2019)

Barnstaple Library employs a cat to highlight their yoga sessions:

Weymouth (rising 63 places) and Stirling (47 places) were also in the top three Digital Influence Index this week.

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