Who has influence in the conversation about Cheltenham?

When deciding who to follow, who to engage with, and where to prioritise your social media efforts, knowing who has the most influence in your local conversation is a good place to start.

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Looking at Cheltenham this week, these are the accounts that have the most influence on the local conversations. Engaging with these accounts is often a great way to grow your audience and reach new customers.

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Cheltenham Influencers

Clicking through to see what “Cheltenham” are saying, it’s apparent that horse racing season is hotting up! If you are a local business, engaging with the social feeds that are popular with the racing community may help you reach all of those who come to the town for the racing.

Cheltenham Racecourse are ranked 2nd in the Maybe* Social Media Index in Cheltenham (January 15th 2019)

Tonesport is a radio station based at the University of Gloucester. A great resource for local events. Whilst Tonesport isn’t ranked in Cheltenham, they’re Gloucester based, it’s interesting to see how social media coverage isn’t limited to town borders. Looking to bordering towns is also a great way to spread your reach.  

Cheltenham #WDYT are sharing all sorts of fantastic local content. Include #WDYT in your content to get shared by our local account.

Smokey Joes are ranked 43rd in the Maybe* Social Media Index in Cheltenham (January 15th 2019)

And people in Cheltenham LOVE talking about the weather with CheltWeather featuring as a popular account:

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