Stroud retailers are sharing their green offers on social media.

When it comes to maintaining an eco-friendly, healthy lifestyle then Stroud definitely knows how to do it right. We’re noticing more and more opportunities available for those wanting to make the change towards improving these areas of their life.

Retailers across the town are sharing their news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This improves the Stroud’s online presence and ensure the town remains relevant and able to attract new shoppers, ultimately helping your high street to thrive.

Whether it’s diet, exercise, reducing waste or plastic – here are some of the ways in which you can do so in and around Stroud…


Just a few green highlights in Stroud:

#WDYT is all about showcasing the great things your high street has to offer, via social media, helping retailers reach more people.

 Digital influence has a direct link to footfall, which in turn will help to increase brand awareness and sales. Stroud is currently ranked at 47 out of 1314 towns & cities, which is all thanks to retailers and customers sharing what they love about the town.

So, if you see something you love – shout about it on social media!

Improve your digital influence, footfall, and sales with #WDYT