Digital Influence Index review September 12th.

We measure the digital output of every retailer in the UK every day, and map it back to 150K physical addresses in 1,300 UK towns and cities. 

#WDYT publishes the Digital Influence Index every single day showing how UK towns and cities are performing. Each week we highlight the week’s big movers: both up and down.

This week Lichfield remains the fastest mover in the charts, followed by Grantham and Horsham. Basingstoke, Kendal and Llandudno are the quickest fallers.

  • What is Digital Influence? It’s a measure of the reach a retailer, town or city has online. The UK Digital Influence Index measures the follower numbers and messages sent by every retailer in the country.  Today we measure the output from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Why is Digital Influence important? By 2020, 80% of retail purchases will still occur offline, but close the 50% of these sales, will be affected by Digital Influence. Today up to 74% of High Street retailers have no active social media presence. That means they have VERY low Digital Influence.
  • Why this data is important: This data can be used by towns and retailers to better understand how their digital out put is impacting physical footfall and sales. We use this data to demonstrate that increasing digital output increases physical footfall.

Every town or city is increasingly becoming the sum of its digital parts – this is a key metric that needs measuring and understanding. We help you do both.


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