How social media drives visitors to Cornwall.

Recent reports of gridlocked roads around Cornish beaches has highlighted the influence of social media on visitors to the county.

The Independent said that “Heavy social media promotion, combined with the recent heatwave, has seen tourists flock to sites in their thousands”.

Local roads and businesses were struggling to cope with tourists heading to Kynance Cove and Porthcurno, locations in the popular Poldark television series. Other beaches in Cornwall were featured in filming, but Cornwall tourism has stopped promoting these two beaches on social media to reduce the influx of visitors.

If social media can have that impact on beaches how can it help encourage visitors to Cornish towns too?

Penzance joined the #WDYT campaign last month and has already risen from 96 to 75 in the Digital Influence Index rankings, with even more retailers signing up and getting involved.

#WDYT (What do you think?) used a avocado Chilli bottle from No.36 in the town to help grow their online audience and to help draw new customers to their business.

The results were fantastic:

  • 482 customers retweeted, commented, and liked the campaign on Twitter.
  • 7,493 reach was gained on Twitter.
  • No.36 gained a huge 9250% increase in Twitter followers. Going from 2 to 187.
  • There was a 6,320 reach, and 154 reactions gained through Facebook.
  • There were 92 likes and 128 comments on Instagram.
  • No.36 gained a 150% increase in Instagram followers. Going from 100 to 250.

All of this was achieved in 7 days with a simple prize – a avocado Chilli bottle. Simply finding your story to tell will engage visitors on social media and encourage visitors.

Improve your digital influence, footfall, and sales with #WDYT