Tetbury, Northampton and Lichfield all rise up Digital Influence Index.

The updated and improved Digital Influence Index now includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram data. This means it more accurately reflects the Digital Influence of over 1300 UK Towns and Cities. We have found some interesting winners and losers in the index this week.

This week’s highlights – who’s moving up?

Several towns across the country are performing particularly well this month:

  • The highlight has to be Tetbury this week. The Gloucestershire town has risen another 62 places this month to 138. That’s a massive 778 places since March 2017.
  • Lichfield, Staffordshire has risen a further 59 places from 124 to 65 this month.
  • Northampton has risen 4 places this month, building on a climb of 15 places last year, to 26.

Rank Place Change
2Sheffield +7
3Glasgow -1
4Darwen +631
5Liverpool -2
6Kirkwall +639
7Birmingham +1
8Gloucester +42
9Greenhithe +178
data generated: 28th Jan 2020

What is the Digital Influence Index?

The Digital Influence Index ranks 1,300 towns and cities in the UK, taking into account audience size, message volume and engagement that occurs across social media networks from a total of 150,000  high street business locations across the UK. Measuring daily activity gives Maybe* information on current retail and digital trends.


  • The number of retailers active on social media has more than doubled from 25 to 52 since the beginning of June 2018. However, only 49% of town businesses are active on social media so much potential for further rises in the future.
  • Tetbury retailers have embraced #WDYT and are part of a growing #WDYT National Campaign that is helping High Streets increase their footfall through digital activity.
  • Hobbs House share wonderful images like this Friand along with baking articles and local news


  • The number of local retailers active on Social Media has risen in Northampton 216 to 221 from June 2018. This has led to an increase of 3869 messages posted on social media by local businesses. That’s 3869 more opportunities to engage with shoppers. This increase has resulted in Northampton rising 15 places this year to number 26 in the Digital Influence Index.
  • The Northamptonshire Telegraph reports that Rushden Lakes has recently added more stores to the leisure and retail development.
  • Boutique gift shop Mooch post news about their upcoming second store along with this photograph of an inviting open door.  


  • An increase of 59 points this month has placed them at 65th place.In only a month, the percentage of retailers active on social media has increased by 10% from 55% to 65%. The average for similarly ranked towns and cities is 47%.
  • Despite only joining the #WDYT campaign last month, more retailers are already becoming involved in social media and using the #WDYT hashtag to spread their news further.
  • We love this image of Alfie from Angel Inn smelling the coffee at local coffee kiosk Melbourne. Businesses can benefit themselves and others by working together.

And who’s moving down?

Of course, each week there are some towns that move down as well. Here are this week’s noteworthy changes and why:

  • Stockton on Tees lost eight active retailers on Social Media last month. This led to them falling 50 places to 194.
  • Only 49% of Newark on Trent’s retailers are active on Social Media, a fall of 1% on last month. The town dropped 40 places to 166.
  • Liverpool moved down to 14. The number of retailers active on Social Media fell from 321 to 310 in since early July.

Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO and founder of Maybe* who compiled the Index, said

‘We see a clear link between digital activity and physical footfall. Shoppers increasingly start their journey online. Every town and city in the UK is a sum of its digital parts. From what we see it’s key that businesses become more pro active on social media. That is frequently the start of their digital journey.’

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