Cheltenham is lighting up social media.

Cheltenham retailers’ social media is really buzzing at the moment. Town businesses and shoppers are sharing the wonderful things on offer in the town while #WDYT is sharing regular tips on how get even better results from social media. Competitions, events, summer fashion, culinary delights, exquisite jewellery and tempting cocktails all give shoppers lots of reasons to visit the High Street, along with lots of wonderful things for retailers and shoppers alike to share via #WDYT!

Just a few highlights are:

  • Cheltenham Cycles showing how you can get out and about in the town while keeping fit and looking great at the same time;
  • Cosy Club Cheltenham tempting us with their delicious menu;
  • St Pauls Fish Bar now offering delicious milkshakes too, yum;
  • Laura Leigh Hair reaching out to over 8,000 new potential customers from their recent #WDYT competition;
  • Keith Scarrott forever leading us to decide that we do need just one more pair of shoes;
  • Martin & Co Jewellery rocking their social and delighting us every day;
  • HeyWDYT sharing wonderful High Street finds, including a fabulous summer gents collection this week;
  • Shiatsu Cheltenham and how they can help with relaxation, revitalisation & health;
  • Cheltenham #WDYT sharing all the great things from the towns retailers, plus the towns digital index rankings, #WDYT research and useful hints and tips about to work social even harder!

All this social activity means that Cheltenham is currently the leading town in the UK for Digital Influence, holding strong at 8th place overall in the UK out of 1314 towns and cities. #WDYT is all about sharing the great things a place offers, providing businesses with digital tools to showcase what they offer to a wider audience, and maximising both the town’s and individual retailers digital influence. Cheltenham’s retailers and shoppers are very socially savvy and have embraced #WDYT – the town is part of a growing #WDYT National Campaign, that is helping high streets increase their footfall through digital activity.


Shoppers also get the chance to win the great things Cheltenham has on offer too, just by sharing them via social!


So shoppers and retailers alike, keep sharing the great things on offer in Cheltenham, tagging #WDYT.



Improve your digital influence, footfall, and sales with #WDYT

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