Coventry, Canterbury and Dartford all rise up Digital Influence Index.

The updated and improved Digital Influence Index now includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram data. This means it more accurately reflects the Digital Influence of over 1300 UK Towns and Cities. We have found some interesting winners and losers in the index this week.

This week’s highlights – who’s moving up?

Several towns across the country are performing particularly well this month:

  • Coventry has risen six places from 34 to 28.
  • Canterbury now ranks in 62nd  place following a climb of 11 places.
  • Dartford rose 50 spots to 150.

Rank Place Change
2Sheffield +7
3Glasgow -1
4Liverpool -1
5Gloucester +45
6Nottingham +4
7Manchester -3
9Leicester +11
10Edinburgh -4
data generated: 24th Jan 2020

What is the Digital Influence Index?

The Digital Influence Index ranks 1,300 towns and cities in the UK, taking into account audience size, message volume and engagement that occurs across social media networks from a total of 150,000  high street business locations across the UK. Measuring daily activity gives Maybe* information on current retail and digital trends.


  • The Warwickshire town has made big steps and has overtaken Oxford (29) and Reading (30) this month. 23 Coventry businesses have become active on social media since the beginning of June.  Coventry has the potential to rise even further up the Digital Influence Index with the support of @CovCityCentre sharing retailer news.
  • Ambitious plans for the City Centre South development and redevelopment of Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre give optimism for the future of Coventry.
  • In the short term a pop up mini farm, the Coventry Community Fusion Festival and HSBC UK Let’s Ride Coventry are all set to increase city centre footfall over the summer.


  • 51% of Canterbury retailers are active on social media and a massive 70% have a website promoting their store. Well above the average of 56% for similarly ranked cities.
  • The recent Medieval Pageant encouraged families to flock to the town and follow the Medieval trail to enter numerous heritage sites around the city. Visitors were able to try medieval archery, jewellery making, sword fighting, arts and crafts and much more.
  • Expression interactive arts cafe hosted knights and princess puppet making as part of the medieval festival.


  • Another Kent town, Dartford rose an amazing 50 places from 200 to 150 in the Digital Influence Index last month. Overall Dartford has climbed 118 places since February 2017.
  • 112  businesses in Dartford are active on Social Media,
  • Popular local baby and children’s gift shop Bip Bop Shop has a wonderfully authentic Twitter feed. Bip Bop Mum shares news and tips about local activities for kids, along with her own product news.

And who’s moving down?

Of course, each week there are some towns that move down as well. Here are this week’s noteworthy changes and why:

  • Ilford, Darlington and Aylesbury have slipped down the Digital Influence Index. Ilford has fallen 51 places to 141, Darlington 45 places to 162 and Aylesbury has dropped 33 places to 160.
  • A more in depth look at the  Place Report for Ilford shows they have lost two active retailers on social media reducing the number of posts created by 2187 in the last month. Only 23% of local businesses in Ilford are active on social media.

Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO and founder of Maybe* who compiled the Index, said

‘We see a clear link between digital activity and physical footfall. Shoppers increasingly start their journey online. Every town and city in the UK is a sum of its digital parts. From what we see it’s key that businesses become more pro active on social media. That is frequently the start of their digital journey.’

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