Cheltenham looking full of colour and style this summer

Cheltenham is looking wonderfully full of colour and style at the moment. Lots of gorgeous summer items and treats from the town are being shared via social media. From exquisite jewellery, to culinary treats, colourful home decor, summer collections, competitions and even more. So much to make a summer’s day even brighter!

Just a few highlights are:

  • Laura Leigh Hair running a wonderful competition to win a summer haircare treat;
  • Smokey Joes helping you to cool off with their delicious smoothies;
  • Martin & Co Jewellery delighting us every day with their gorgeous range;
  • Art Rocks UK sharing their awesome items and celebrating a 216% increase in Instagram followers from their recent #WDYT competition;
  • Cheltenham Cycles who have everything you need to get on your bike this summer and look great while doing so;
  • #WDYT sharing wonderful High Street finds, including fabulous summer collections showcasing just some of the great things Cheltenham has to offer;
  • Marinades Caribbean tempting us with their delicious cuisine;
  • T2 Tea Cheltenham and their delightful range;
  • Andrew Scott showcasing their exquisite jewellery while also reaching a 12,000 potential new shoppers via their recent #WDYT competition;
  • And of course another #WDYT winner, the lucky owner of the Laura Leigh Hair prize!

#WDYT is all about sharing the great things on offer via social media, helping retailers reach more people to showcase the wonderful things they offer and maximising both the town’s and individual retailers digital influence. Cheltenham’s retailers and shoppers have embraced #WDYT and are part of a growing #WDYT National Campaign, that is helping high streets increase their footfall through digital activity.

All this social activity means the town is currently the leading town in the UK for Digital Influence, holding strong at 8th place overall in the UK out of 1314 towns and cities, and hot on the heels of Leeds in 7th spot and ahead of Birmingham in 11th. And shoppers get the chance to win the great things Cheltenham has on offer too!

So shoppers and retailers alike, keep sharing the great things on offer in Cheltenham, tagging #WDYT #Cheltenham.


Happy Summer Shopping!



Improve your digital influence, footfall, and sales with #WDYT