Stafford celebrates a year of #WDYT by reaching the top 20 of the UK Digital Influence Index

The #WDYT campaign launched in Stafford exactly one year ago and the town has celebrated by leaping ahead of Bournemouth, Bath and Hull to reach the top 20 of the Digital Influence Index.

Importantly, footfall in Stafford has increased by 22% since the #WDYT campaign began, as retailers seized the chance to shout on social media about all the great products and services the town can offer to residents and visitors, alike. This helps individual businesses, shoppers and the town, as a whole.

Since the campaign began in April 2017, Stafford has moved up a total of 100 places in the Digital Influence Index. Starting at #120, the town had reached #47 by June last year and continued upwards to #28 by September, hitting #23 in October. Bearing in mind the larger towns and cities above it in the Index – could Stafford go any higher?

2018 started well and by Easter, the market town had pushed its way up to #21, out of a total of 1,314 towns in the UK. The last week saw Stafford reach its highest ever position of #20 in the Digital Influence Index – an amazing achievement for the town.

Lots of #WDYT competitions have been successfully run over the last year, with some impressive results, including these since the beginning of 2018:

  • Waterstones are currently running a #WDYT competition to win a Spring Anthology book.
  • Pandora successfully ran a #WDYT competition to win a Remarkable Rabbit Charm which reached nearly 20,000 potential new shoppers.
  • Sainsbury’s ran a #WDYT competition to win a Home Riviera Ceramic Vase which reached over 14,000 potential new shoppers.
  • Peccadillos successfully ran a #WDYT competition to win a WoodWick Trilogy Apple Festival candle which reached over 11,000 potential new shoppers.
  • The Range successfully ran a #WDYT competition to win a Moroccan Jewelled Handle Lantern which reached over 18,000 new shoppers.
  • Dunelm ran a #WDYT competition to win a set of four Art Deco Mugs, which reached over 15,000 new shoppers.
  • River Island successfully ran a #WDYT competition to win a Coral Pink Cutabout Purse, which, as a result, reached over 28,000 new shoppers.
  • Hadleigh Jewellery ran a #WDYT competition to win a Stardust White Swarovski pen, which reached over 12,000 shoppers and resulted in a 24% increase in Twitter followers.

Finally, a special mention to some of the regular #WDYT supporters in Stafford, including Beautiful, Cup a Cha, Dourish & Day, FunkyWunkyDooDahs, Hobbycraft, i-Motion Gym, Kenny’s Sports Bar, Peter Rogers, Stafford Gatehouse Theatre, The BakeHouse, The Door Company and all the Lewis Partnership venues (The Bear Grill, The Swan, The Moat House, The Dog & Doublet, The Red Lion and The Bank House).

Retailers, remember to share all the wonderful things our high street offers with #WDYT so we can tell shoppers all about our great town.

Improve your digital influence, footfall, and sales with #WDYT