Case study: How Cheltenham town ranks higher than Birmingham in the Digital Influence Index

How does Cheltenham, a small town based in the Cotswolds, rank higher for digital influence than larger cities like Birmingham and Liverpool?

To determine why this is, we took a look at The Digital Influence Index which ranks 1,300 towns and cities in the UK, taking into account audience size, message volume and engagement that occurs across social media networks from a total of 150,000 high street business locations across the UK.

Rank Place Change
2Nottingham +8
3Edinburgh +3
4Bristol +1
5Manchester -1
6Leeds +1
7Glasgow -5
8Cheltenham +15
10York +1
data generated: 17th Jan 2019

Cheltenham (8th) is currently the leading town in the UK for Digital Influence and is catching up with seven larger cities including Edinburgh (3rd), Bristol (4th) and Manchester (7th).

Cheltenham is not only ahead of the major cities of Birmingham (9th) and Sheffield (10th), but several places higher than comparably sized places that have recently dropped one place, such as Oxford (29th) and Bath (22nd).

The data from the index shows us that a whopping 598 of the Cheltenham’s retailers are active on social media. This has been aided by the #WDYT campaign which was launched in the town in February 2017 – seeing the town increase 15 places in just 12 months.

To increase their rank Cheltenham retailers have embraced #WDYT and share new products, events and news daily on social media using the #WDYT hashtag which amplifies their posts to thousands of shoppers.

Kevan Blackadder, Director of Cheltenham BID says:

“It’s astonishing how many businesses of all kinds just don’t use social media to promote themselves. What #WDYT has done is show that with a few fairly easy steps they can start to engage and they’re actually using it now in a way they never would never have done before. With #WDYT there’s a conversation going on that will help promote their goods and their products to a wider audience.”

This article was originally published in Revive and Thrive’s Place magazine.

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