“I have seen a definite increase in footfall.” says Libby Reichwald, Owner of Carousel Children’s Clothing in Cheltenham

Since launching with the #WDYT (What do you think) campaign, Libby Reichwald, the Owner of Carousel Children’s Clothing in Cheltenham has seen “a definite increase in footfall.” In her words “I think it’s a really clever idea” and “What have you got to lose?”

Libby was new to Twitter before starting with the campaign, but she has seen a direct link between her engagement with the campaign and footfall to both her town and her shop. “The #WDYT campaign is helping me enormously.” “It becomes a rolling feed of stuff throughout the day.”

The beauty of towns that get involved with the campaign is that each town gets their own dedicated social media manager who can help train retailers and get your town online, active and increasing your digital influence. To learn more about how your town can get involved, sign up today.

“I would say with any business get involved with #WDYT I have definitely seen an increase in my footfall through it.”