“We have a whole new way of communicating with customers that we didn’t know were there.”

When Margaret Cavanagh of Neal’s Yard Remedies was first approached about getting involved with the #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign she was slightly reluctant. According to her, going digital with her marketing was both “really challenging and “a little bit scary”. However, since launching with #WDYT, Margaret was able to increase her Twitter followers by 34% and has now become her own social media guru.

Just ask her daughter.

Since starting as an unsure participant, unconvinced that social media would help her business, Margaret now has her own Instagram account and uses it personally to connect with her daughter and professionally she social media as “a way of getting through to a different customer”

“I think every high street business should get involved with the campaign because when there is a group of people who we are not accessing it’s our duty to go out there and try to communicate with them.”

“It’s a way of getting through to a different customer”

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