The #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign is helping Gloucester achieve its “aspiration of becoming a digital high street leader”

Jason Smith, CEO of Marketing Gloucester, details his experience with the #WDYT campaign in Gloucester. Here he shares his experience with #WDYT and with using social media to drive footfall. “This is a real opportunity to be at the forefront.

As Gloucester moves towards becoming a more digital high street, both Marketing Gloucester and local retailers are well aware of the need to embrace social media in order to attract more footfall to their town. #WDYT “helps us with our aspiration of becoming a digital high street leader”.

Since embracing the #WDYT campaign, Jason has been thrilled with the newfound ability of retailers in Gloucester to “generate more customers through social media.”  

In addition, This #WDYT project has been a really great thing for being a catalyst to work together.” Through the campaign, retailers that may not have collaborated before are able to work together to build not only the profile of their city or town but also for themselves and their neighbouring businesses.  Watch this quick 1-minute video to learn more.

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