Moonflower Gifts turned interest on social media into new customers with #WDYT

Fiona Mills-Carlyon, Owner of Moonflower Gifts, was interested in social media and what it could do for her business. “I thought it was a good new idea to get a little bit of a higher profile for my business with social media and that it would have a better outreach to my customers and potential customers.”  Thanks to her involvement with the #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign, Fiona has been able to turn this interest into deeper connections with her shoppers.

“I think the future for us is rosy.

Combining social media with your existing marketing strategy is the perfect way to draw new customers into your shop, and also into your town. Just imagine the impact if every shop in your town were to participate in a campaign like #WDYT. The collective results would be incredible. “I think other business could really benefit from getting involved with #WDYT because I think if we all join up together it makes a much stronger offer.”

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