“I think initiatives like #WDYT really do help” says Becky Jones of Cheltenham Collective

For retailers like Becky Jones of Cheltenham Collective, campaigns like #WDYT (What do you think?) are an important step for connecting with new customers online. Thanks to the campaign, she’s been able to not only interact with these new shoppers, but she’s seen an increase in the number of shoppers coming into her town and store. “I think connecting our online shoppers to coming into town and seeing it all, I think that is really good.”

The idea of connecting with both shoppers and other businesses online really appealed to Becky. She found that #WDYT is “interactive with your customers, it’s interactive with other businesses and I think that’s what’s important.”

If you would like to engage with new shoppers online and see an increase in footfall to your town and business, make sure to sign up to learn more about the #WDYT campaign.