Stafford see footfall increase by up to 22% weekly since the launch of #WDYT

More shoppers are flocking to Stafford town centre since the #WDYT campaign started which has given the high street a major boost.

Latest figures show footfall has gone up between 6 and 22 percent each week compared to last year since the of the #WDYT (What Do You Think) campaign launched in April 2017.

Stafford has increased from position 120 to 47 in the Digital Influence Index since the launch of the campaign. This index measures the social output of each retailer in a town and ranks over 150k retailers and 1300k towns and cities across the UK.Since its launch on April

Since the launch of the #WDYT Campaign on April 7th 2017, the footfall per week through the centre of town has been between 120,000 and 130,000, with the average increase being 13 percent across the last nine weeks.

Stafford Town Centre Partnership chairman Chris Lewis said:

“The response from those businesses who have decided to get on board this positive campaign has been phenomenal.

“It is a tough retail environment but the High Street is evolving and I am pleased that so many of our businesses want to be part of that evolution rather than burying their heads in the sand.

“The TCP and Stafford Borough Council have backed the #WDYT campaign and it is great to see how well we are performing in the digital world.”

Stafford’s digital ranking, which examines the amount of presence on social media compared to other towns, was 120 in the UK when the campaign started but it now stands at 46.

Stafford Borough Councillor Frances Beatty said:

“It must be more than a coincidence that the period the #WDYT has been running has seen week on week footfall in the town centre increasing compared to last year.

“I congratulate all those businesses who have supported this initiative and those who have taken advantage of free workshops aimed at helping their trade. It is great to see more people in town and I hope those businesses who have come on board will be rewarded for their drive and enthusiasm.”

Polly Barnfield, OBE founder of the #WDYT campaign said

“It’s really great to see a town like Stafford embrace the opportunity and see such positive results. Each town across the UK is the sum of its digital parts. In Stafford, we have seen national chains and small independents really embrace the campaign.”