What is digital influence?

  1. What is digital influence?
  2. Why do I need digital influence?
  3. How do I get digital influence?

These are three important questions. In fact, data shows that they’re essential to the long-term success of any business and more specifically any place.

Here’s why: By 2020, 80% of retail purchases will still occur offline, but close the 50% of these sales, which represents over $6trillion in sales globally, will be affected by digital influence.

The #WDYT campaign is all about helping Places and Businesses increase their digital influence to drive local footfall. We understand it’s hard to increase or prioritise something when you’re unclear on what it is or why it’s important.  

That’s why we break it all down for you:

What is digital influence? Essentially, it’s your ability to be found online and to get people excited about coming into your business.

All the data and research shows that before someone makes a purchase they are increasingly going online to research, seek out reviews, and to ask their peers what they think or recommend first. Digital influence is your ability to be found online (digital) and to convince them to come into your business (influence). Think of it like an online sign post to your front door.

Why do I need digital influence? Simply put, if you don’t start building yours, your competitors will. In a changing retail landscape, we want to ensure that your business is the one shoppers find when they look online. And they are looking online all the time.

How do I get digital influence? This is where the #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign comes in. We can help you build digital influence in moments. It’s measured by how often you’re mentioned or able to be found online. So, let’s mention you and make sure people can find you.

If you haven’t yet set up your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts, we can help you with our simple “How to” guides.

Here’s what we mean by sharing: You know your stock better than anyone else. Grab an item that you know resonates with your shoppers and is a winner for your business.

Take a quick snap of it (we’ve also got a guide on how to take great photos for social media. Now, just post it on Twitter and Instagram. Use the #WDYT and your #TownName and we’ll retweet your content to our thousands of followers. (If you don’t know what a # is – don’t worry about that either. Here’s a quick and easy explanation of what they are and what they do).

There, just like that, you’ve shared your content with thousands of new shoppers. If that’s not digital influence, nothing is.

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