Why High Streets need national brands to have a local social presence

Communicating with local shoppers from local accounts help a business appear more relevant, targeted and useful to customers. All of this combines to help increase footfall to the local store and increase High Street footfall as a whole.

Local accounts allow business to address local issues, this enables national brands to connect with their local customers. Shoppers expect a level of personalisation and responsiveness that can’t always be achieved through a national social media account.

The #WDYT campaign increases the online reach of each town, high street, local retailer, and business involved. This increased online reach (which we call digital influence) helps to put a town or business on the digital map, meaning it helps shoppers find you when they’re looking online.

Increasingly shoppers are looking online for reviews, to research, and get ideas before they head into a store or business to buy something or enjoy a service or meal. The #WDYT campaign helps ensure that when local shoppers are looking online, they find what a town has to offer.

As part of the #WDYT campaign, we’re seeing an increase in more local National Brand accounts being set up and joining the #WDYT campaign. We’re delighted to be working with the new local accounts for Starbucks, Pizza Express and M&S.

Waterstones do a fantastic job of creating local accounts, allowing their staff to have a voice and promote in-store events efficiently. Most famously their Oxford Street Twitter account rose to fame a few years ago with its witty tweets and charm.

If your brand isn’t able to open a local account, you can still use #Town with your national account. Your national brand should promote your local presence and use its digital influence to drive local footfall. #WDYT (What do you Think).

Check out these local accounts set up by National Brands Starbucks, M&S, Costa, Pizza Express and Hobbycraft:

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