Why sharing other people’s content is a good way to build your audience

When starting out in social media, it can be intimidating growing your online following. Don’t worry, we have some easy to follow tips to increase your audience in an engaging and simple way.

One of the best, and fastest, ways to grow your online audience is by sharing great content you’ve found online. This content could be links to articles, comments, pictures, stats – whatever you’ve come across that caught your eye.

Think of it this way: if you found it interesting, chances are your audience will as well.

The key here is to share content that is relevant to your audience and your brand. This could be comments from relevant industry leaders, links to fashion trends (if you’re a fashion retailer), great pictures of holidays (if you’re a travel agent), pictures of celebrity haircuts (if you’re a hair stylist). Remember your audience and share what you know they will enjoy.

How sharing grows your audience.

By sharing other people’s content, people are, in turn, much more likely to share your content with their audience. This means your images, posts, and comments, have the potential to reach thousands more eyes than you could accomplish on your own.

By sharing other people’s content, not only will you position your business as the master curator of all things new and newsworthy, you’ll also get to piggyback off the quality content put out by larger organisations with more time and resources.

But what should you share?

Share button on a keyboard.

To help figure out what to share, we recommend using a content curation tool like Feedly or Drumup or Pocket.  These tools make it easy to source relevant news articles, blog posts,  images or infographics and schedule them into your social channels in a few clicks. When you share content, give credit where credit is due, and add your own bit of insight or reason your audience should read your post. Here is a great guide from Drumup on: How to Curate Content for Your Social Media Pages to Boost Engagement and Save Time

Set up Twitter lists and follow key influencers and players in your field. They might be your suppliers, media outlets, relevant bloggers and @heyWDYT.  Have a read of this short article from Small Business Bonfire on: How to Curate Your Small Business Twitter Content with Lists

Search relevant #hashtags and re-share great content you find this way.  What’s up with #Hashtags you ask? Read our guide on Hashtags on the subject for some demystification.  

Finally – your most precious asset – your customers. Ask your customers to tweet and talk about you and then make sure you share it on. This creates great authentic content and lets your customers feel like stars. More on this later – but have a read of this great overview from Audience on how retailers are using UGC to boost sales.

What’s the best way to share?

Once you’ve found something you want to share, make sure you read our guide on How to share it.

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