Every UK city, town, and high street business can sign up to view their daily rank for social media performance and gain access to training that explains how they can improve it. This is delivered through the Maybe* platform.

We measure the number of followers and messages sent by in 160,000 business locations in 1,300 UK towns across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter every day.

Any organisation can sign up to see their rank without charge. If they upgrade their Maybe* account, they can access tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and training to improve their social media performance.

Why this matters now

Consumers do not view themselves as online or offline shoppers.

They shop when and where it’s convenient. If physical places and retailers do not engage consumers through online conversations that are linked to a physical location, they are missing an opportunity to influence what consumers do, where they go and what they buy.

Online is often cited as the enemy of the High Street.

The reality is that for High Streets to remain relevant in an increasingly digital age, they need to embrace social media as an intrinsic part of the customer experience and a channel that brings footfall on the High Street. It is a key part of the overall experience.


Join the campaign

The #WDYT campaign provides a way for any place or high street to understand their relative social media performance, on a daily basis,  in a format that can be linked to physical KPI’s like footfall and sales.



See what the #WDYT campaign is delivering for participating towns, cities and retailers.

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