The “What do you think” (#WDYT) campaign helps towns and cities evolve faster.
Using AI and chat, you can connect with your local audience and benefit from evidence based decision making.
The campaign is delivered through the Maybe* platform.


Access the #WDYT campaign

  • Benchmark your town’s social media performance.

  • Know what people are saying about your town.

  • Understand how people feel about your town.

  • See what content people are engaging with.  

  • Connect with the people who are most influential in your town.

  • Amplify the conversations of the businesses in your town.

  • Access AI-powered recommended actions that will help improve your town’s footfall and your businesses sales.

  • Engage with locals, visitors and businesses through chatbots.

Supporting our high streets

The High Street is not dead.

We are committed to supporting UK high streets, we know that the High Street isn’t dead, but it is changing.  To evolve faster it needs to connect better with its customers.

Recommendations based on evidence and insight.

Through the  #WDYT campaign, we provide place makers across the country with the tools to make recommendations based on evidence and insight.  The WDYT campaign is delivered by the Maybe* platform.

Join the campaign.

The Maybe* platform enables any organisation to improve their results through AI-powered insights and actions.



To understand what consumers want from their high streets we used a chatbot to ask shoppers what they thought of their high streets and how they could be improved.

From over 24,700 pieces of data from consumers about the state of UK high streets, each town or city’s results are compared against the overall average, allowing each location to benchmark their results against a national average.

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