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Tickhill went live with the #WDYT campaign in June 2017. Working with Taylor’s of Tickhill the #WDYT team is helping Tickhill retailers increase their digital influence in the Digital Influence Index.

Chris Taylor from Taylors of Tickhill said:

“We are confident that #WDYT will give us a different way to reach a wider audience through social media and to engage with businesses and shoppers in our town. It’s about closing the gap between shopping online and shopping on the high street, and showing how successfully all retailers in a place can collaborate to use social media and digital channels to drive high street footfall. It doesn’t take much time and we’ve gone from around 55 impressions per tweet to 3,500.”

Businesses and shoppers in Tickhill take part in the #WDYT campaign by taking a photo and sharing it with #WDYT and #Tickhill. The #WDYT team amplify all activity and share activity through the National campaign activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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