Peccadillos reaches out to over 11,000 new potential customers using #WDYT

#WDYT (What do you think?) used a trilogy candle from Peccadillos to help grow their online audience and to help draw new customers to their store.


  • 460 customers retweeted, commented, and liked the campaign on Twitter.
  • 10,619 impressions were gained on Twitter.
  • A 29% increase in Twitter followers were gained. Going from 747 to 960.
  • There was a reach of 959 people on Facebook.
  • There were 94 reactions gained through Facebook.
  • 186 likes and 217 comments were achieved through Instagram.

All of this was achieved in 13 days with a simple prize –a Woodwick Trilogy Candle.

How did we do it?

We used the #WDYT social media audiences to promote a simple competition mechanic across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • @StaffordTCP tweeted about the campaign to their 9,235 Twitter followers.
  • @Heywdyt also posted onto their Facebook page, which has an audience of 4,694.
  • The #WDYT campaign was also shared with our 2,437 followers on Instagram.

To enter on Twitter, we asked shoppers to retweet our announcement and to follow both @StaffordTCP and @Peccadillos1 for the chance to win the candle.

To enter on Facebook and Instagram, consumers had to to like and comment on the post. We also asked them if they would like to tag a friend to learn about the competition as well, helping to grow the reach of the campaign even further.

Improve your digital influence, footfall, and sales with #WDYT


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