Three proven ways to drive foot traffic to your store

When used correctly, digital channels can drive huge amounts of traffic to physical locations. You need to be able to reach your customers wherever they are – on mobile, in-store or online – here are three proven ways to drive foot traffic to your store using digital channels:

1. Ask people to come into store

Ask people to come into your shop. It may sound obvious, but reaching out to some of your best shoppers online and inviting them personally into your store – especially during a time you know that you as the owner or manager will be there – will make your best shoppers feel special. Ask them to bring a friend they would like to introduce to the shop and offer to show them around personally. If it feels like an appointment, people are much more likely to follow through.

2. Exclusive in-store promotions 

If you have in-store promotions happening hit up your customers via email and let them know. Think about offering exclusive in-store only deals to encourage customers to visit. If you’re holding an event, send out an invite via email to let your customer base know. These may seem like simple tips, but they are proven to increase your footfall.

3. Make sure you’re listed online

The first step to getting customers is having a great brand and product, the second is letting them know where to find you online and offline. Search Engine Optimisation is often known as the ‘dark art’ of digital marketing and can put business owners off trying to get their business noticed online. However, there are some very simple, free and important steps you can action to make it easy for customers to find your business online. Here’s how to get your business listed on Google. 

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