How Moonflower ranks #21 for Digital Influence in Stroud

Moonflower, an independent gift shop, ranks #21 out of 89 stores in Stroud for Digital Influence.


The gift boutique actively uses Twitter to showcase their items, interact with other local businesses and engage with customers which helps keep their Digital Influence ranking so high.

Thanks to Moonflower’s  involvement with the #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign, owner Fiona has been able to turn this interest into deeper connections with her shoppers.

“I thought it was a good new idea to get a little bit of a higher profile for my business with social media and that it would have a better outreach to my customers and potential customers.”  

To help grow followers on social channels and attract new customers, Moonflower asked their customers what they thought about a collection of items they stock using Maybe* which helped grow followers on Twitter and Instagram by 8%.

“I think other businesses in Stroud could really benefit from getting involved with #WDYT because I think if we all join up together it makes a much stronger offer to make Stroud a really good place to come visit when you fancy shopping.”

Fiona Mills-Carlyon, Owner of Moonflower

Improve your digital influence, footfall, and sales with #WDYT

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