Gloucester sees 289% uplift in retailers using social media

Since being involved with the #WDYT campaign Gloucester has achieved an impressive increase in the number of retailers in the city who are engaging with social media – an uplift of 289% to 477 retailers.  With typically only 53% of retailers having a digital presence there is still plenty of potential for the city to improve this further and continue to boost high street footfall.

Gloucester ranks 12th on the Digital Influence Index of 1300 towns across the country, just behind Cheltenham at 11, one of the earliest towns working with #WDYT.

A number of retailers in the town are helping drive this result. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Gloucester Brewery ran a competition with #WDYT on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram offering 3 beers and a branded tote bag.  Overall, 6,272 shoppers saw the Gloucester Brewery campaign and it was all achieved in just 4 days.
  • Treasure Seekers worked with #WDYT to create a collection featuring 6 beautiful items that are available from the Treasure Seekers Gift Shop, asking consumers to vote for their favourite to win. The Twitter page achieved 268 likes & 193 comments with an astounding total of 644 interactions. By using #WDYT, Treasure Seekers now has 114 new potential customers that they can talk too.
  • Le Creuset located at Gloucester Quays offered a simple set of mugs with a Christmas stencil to help grow their online audience and draw new customers to their stores. The mugs proved very popular gaining 544 retweets on twitter.
  • New retailers to the #WDYT campaign include Blue Bamboo, Raging Bull, The Candle Tree, Jane’s Pantry and Eastgate Indoor Market.

The ongoing support of the many independent retailers in Gloucester helps to bolster the town’s Digital Influence including Import Furniture, The Print Room, Butlers Venue Bar and The Warehouse.

The #WDYT team will be doing a walkabout in Gloucester on 15th January 10.00am to 12pm to encourage retailers to be more digitally engaged with their customers and to help with any social media queries.

#WDYT Gloucester Walk Around

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