How Digital Influence drives a 22% increase in footfall in Stafford

The Digital Influence Index ranks the digital influence of 1,300 UK towns and cities. Since Stafford have gone live with the #WDYT campaign their Digital Influence has risen every week and so has their footfall.

What is digital influence and why is it important?

Digital influence is a measure of how much people are talking about your town online through social media. Our data shows that digital influence is directly linked to footfall, with participating towns seeing footfall increases of up to 22%, week on week. This video will give you a one minute overview.

Here’s how your ranking is calculated:

We monitor and collect all the social media mentions of your town from Twitter,  Instagram and Facebook will be added shortly. The frequency of those mentions combined with the number of people they reach creates your score.

Smaller towns and cities that focus on their digital influence have increased their rankings to sit above larger centres. We give local stores a greater weighting in the index as they frequently deliver more specific town content which provides clear footfall drivers for the town as a whole.

If you would like to see your ranking improve, there are three simple steps to take:

  1. Make sure you’re following our twitter account @joinwdyt for latest results and tips.
  2. Purchase your Place Report to see which retailers in your town are contributing most and least) to your ranking.  
  3. Get involved with the #WDYT campaign. Towns and cities that participate in the #WDYT campaign see an almost immediate and dramatic improvement in their rankings which has proven to increase footfall to their high streets.

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