Beautiful gains a 552% increase in followers using #WDYT

Beautiful believe shopping should be an experience from browsing at home to visiting the ‘Beautiful’ Dressing Room.  They pull together Clothing and Accessories ideas and are there to help you find the perfect outfit for wherever your next event takes you to make everyday your catwalk!

Looking to grow their social followings and draw in new customers through to Beautiful, they teamed up with #WDYT to offer a beautiful nude clutch bag to be won by one lucky winner.

The competition was posted onto Stafford TCP’s Twitter page, which showcases Stafford’s local businesses. We asked followers to retweet & follow @BeautifulTDR for a chance to win. This achieved a fantastic organic reach of 5,200 people and received 570 retweets, likes and comments along with an impressive 552% increase in followers.

The competition was also posted onto HeyWDYT’s Facebook page asking entries to react, like and comment for a chance to win the clutch bag. The post received an amazing organic reach of 9,871 people and gained 633 reactions, comments & shares.

The competition was also posted on HeyWDYT’s Instagram page, furthering engagement with a brilliant 168 likes and comments, helping Beautiful to draw in new potential customers and increase brand awareness.


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