Instagram: Definitions and how-to guide

Struggling to figure out how to get started with Instagram? With over 700 million users, Instagram is a marketing opportunity not to be missed. Set aside 10 minutes a day to post a picture and engage with other profiles to start to build a following and get used to the platform.

If you’ve never used Instagram before, leading Social Media agency, Social Chain have laid out the basics below to get you started.


Definition: Content published on your page including photographs and videos.

How To: To create a post press the + button at the bottom of your feed, select the photo/video you want to upload from your camera roll or take a photo in-app. You can then edit the photo or video with filters. Add your caption and upload!

Example: Post a picture of a new item in stock or a window display.


Definition: The feed is the place where you will see posts from everyone you follow.

How To: Scrolling through your feed is very simple as it will be the homepage when you’re logged in on the app.


Definition: Liking on Instagram is acknowledging that you like the post. Posts that have a large amount of likes are more likely to drive growth as the post will come up in the ‘following’ feed of the liker’s friends. Posts with huge likes have a chance of appearing in the ‘popular’ feed – this will drive mass growth.

How To: To like post, simply double tap it!


Definition: Commenting is your way of letting people know what you think about their post. On the other hand, provoking a reply from people is a great way to increase engagement.

How To: To comment on Instagram press the highlighted comment button and write your comment.

Example: Search for a hashtag relating to your business and comment on posts that relate to your brand. For example, if you sell paint, search for posts about colour swatches and offer your advice via comments.


Definition: An Instagram story can only be shot in-app. It disappears after 24 hours and gives a snapshot to what you’re up to at that moment in time. It’s useful for day-to- day content and will engage approximately 10% of your audience.

How To: To add to your story press + your story at the top of your home feed. You will then be able to post a photo, video boomerang or Go Live. Your followers will be able to see your story by clicking on you at the top of their feed.

Example: Showcase the ‘lifestyle’ of your business, stories are great for giving your company personality – showcase your store, new stock and staff.

Go live

Definition: Going Live on Instagram isn’t as efficient as on Twitter or Facebook – however it is functional and a good way to engage your followers.

How To: To Go Live press + your story at the top of your home feed. You will then be able to Go Live through the app on your phone.


Definition: A hashtag is a word or a phrase with a preceding # – It means that people can click on it and see all the other tweets using a #.

How To: Hashtags are useful on Instagram, as some people scroll through relevant hashtags often, using the function can drive engagement.

Example: Find hashtags that relate to your business, you can research them using this great tool.

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