Review: High-flying digital towns and cities


In our review of the Digital Influence Index, we’ve identified some high-flying digital towns and cities across the UK.

The Digital Influence Index, from Maybe* ranks 1300 towns and cities in the UK, taking into account audience size, message volume and engagement that occurs across social media networks from a total of 150,000  high street businesses across the UK.

This daily measurement reveals some interesting digital trends – some of the most notable recent increases are in the South West with Stroud rising 215 places, Penzance 126 and Gloucester 39 to rank 11 out of 1300 UK towns and cities.

Liverpool, although businesses remain very active, has fallen 10 places since January. Maybe* identifies the huge steps other UK cities have taken to improve their own Digital Influence, allowing them to overtake Liverpool.  In Cheshire there seem to be fewer businesses active on Social Media in some towns and Middlewich, in particular, has fallen 302 places to 1290.


A highlight has to be Tewkesbury, rising a phenomenal 352 places to 63 out of 1300 UK cities and towns. Local retailers including Cafe au Chocolat, Tewkesbury Park Hotel and Kershaw Gifts post regular news and product updates across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It doesn’t stop with local businesses either: shoppers and visitors are sharing their news and purchases to all help increase footfall in the Gloucestershire town.

Tewkesbury Mustard reached 17,520 people with this #WDYT competition to win four pots of their delicious mustard, resulting in a 39% increase in followers on Instagram. On Twitter, the post was shared 990 times.



A doubling of Tweets by local businesses has propelled Tenby up the Digital Influence Index by a massive 313 places to 912. Previously ranked 1215, Tenby’s record number of 3698 Tweets stood out in the UK Digital Influence Index.

Tenby recently welcomed visitors to the town to compete in Ironman Wales: a challenging swim, bike and run beginning on North Beach. Local businesses celebrated the event and shared images of shops, restaurants and pubs,  creating a buzz around Tenby on Social Media.

HARBWR Brewery shared images on Twitter of Masao from Japan enjoying a pint. Caffi Pura on Upper Frog Street posted photos of their special Ironman lattes and healthy food across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

There’s more good news for Tenby, with the number of retailers active on Social Media rising from 41% to 48%. The #WDYT campaign encourages more Tenby retailers to engage with their customers online and it would be great to have feedback on your footfall.


In County Durham, Seaham shows how two extra businesses active on Social Media sharing their news can lead to a rise of 219 places in the Digital Influence Index to 934 in one month. Luxury hotel Seaham Hall appears to have inspired other local businesses with their stunning photographs of their menu and grounds. Local estate agents Dowen’s not only share their own news, but highlight other businesses and community events, benefiting the whole town. With 86% of Seaham businesses active on Social Media, what next for the seaside town? That’s impressive.[minti_divider style=”1″ icon=”” margin=”20px 0px 20px 0px”]

Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO and founder of Maybe* who compiled the Index, said:

[minti_blockquote]‘We see a clear link between digital activity and physical footfall. Shoppers increasingly start their journey online. Every town and city in the UK is a sum of its digital parts. From what we see it’s key that businesses become more proactive on social media. That is frequently the start of their digital journey”.[/minti_blockquote] [minti_divider style=”1″ icon=”” margin=”20px 0px 20px 0px”]

The Digital Influence Index ranks 1300 towns and cities in the UK, taking into account audience size, message volume and engagement that occurs across social media networks from a total of 150,000  high street businesses across the UK. It exists to act as a barometer of the digital output of every High Street in the Country.

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