An afternoon tea from Red Lion Bradley reaches over 8,000 people

To raise awareness of Red Lion Bradley, we ran a competition offering an afternoon tea for two using the #WDYT campaign which reached over 8,000 people.

Stafford News tweeted about the campaign to their 13,900 Twitter followers and also posted the competition on their Staffordshire Newsletter Facebook page to their audience of 8,415 .

To give the competition an added boost StaffordTCP’s  Twitter channel tweeted it to their 7,986 Twitter followers, adding a further reach which gained a total of 202 engagements and increasing The Red Lions Twitter followers by 24%.

The competition was further shared through #WDYT’s Facebook page which gained a total of 420 pieces of engagement, and also through #WDYT’s Instagram channel which achieved 56 pieces of engagement.




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